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Table 5 Background settings of BETEF_CF

From: Operational eruption forecasting at high-risk volcanoes: the case of Campi Flegrei, Naples

Node Prior parameters Likelihood
Node 1: UNREST No info - uniform n1=306
  (Λ1=0. 5 & Θ1=1) y1=7. 4
Node 2: MAGMATIC-UNREST No info - uniform n2=0
  (Λ2=0. 5 & Θ2=1) y2=0
Node 3: MAGMATIC-UNREST (Λ3=0. 33 & Θ3=1) n3=3. 7
  Θ3=1 y3=0
  1. Legend: Background settings of BETEF_CF, updated to the end of 2009. See text for more details.