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Table 3 Percentage of eruptions in LaMEVE dated using each technique group

From: Characterisation of the Quaternary eruption record: analysis of the Large Magnitude Explosive Volcanic Eruptions (LaMEVE) database

Dating technique group Techniques % eruptions
Radiometric Radiocarbon (corrected), Radiocarbon (uncorrected), U-Th series, Ar-Ar, K-Ar, Isothermal Plateau Fission Track, Fission track 54.3
Proxy Stratigraphy, Sediment accumulation, Magnetic stratigraphy, Oxygen isotopes, Ice core, Relative dating, Radiocarbon and Stratigraphy, Tephrochronology 23.7
Historical Historical 18.8
Other Thermoluminescence, Dendrochronology, Varve count, Electron Spin Resonance, Anthropology 3.2