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Table 2 Percentages for different nominal categories representing comparisons between scientists’ perception of volcanic activity and their view about local people’s perceptions of activity

From: Scientists’ views about lay perceptions of volcanic hazard and risk

  Locals think it changes little/is easy Locals think same as scientists Locals think it changes a lot/is difficult Wilcoxon T
Changes from week to week 52 32 16 420 p = 0.001
Changes from year to year 69 16 15 475 p < 0.001
Ease of forecasting week to week 47 24 29 NS
Ease of forecasting year to year 49 22 29 634 p = 0.034
Ease of understanding week to week 37 28 35 NS
Ease of understanding year to year 41 29 30 NS
  1. For example, 52% of scientists felt that the local people viewed the volcano as changing less from week to week than they did themselves.