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Table 1 Example categories, subcategories and codes for data analysis

From: Disaster risk reduction and resettlement efforts at San Vicente (Chichontepec) Volcano, El Salvador: toward understanding social and geophysical vulnerability

Category: Livelihoods Category: Relocation
Subcategory 1: Agriculture Subcategory 1: Chose to relocate
Code: Land owner Code: Relocation challenges
Code: Land renter Code: Relocation reasoning
Code: Day-laborer Code: Relocation rights
Code: Sugar-cane Code: Relocation benefits
Code: Coffee Code: Relocation and livelihoods
Code: Vegetables (Corn, beans, other) Code: Relocation and kinship
Code: Wages, loans, taxes Networks
Code: Affected by 2009 disaster Subcategory 2: Chose not to relocate
Subcategory 2: Small business Code: Challenges to old verapaz
Code: Resources available Code: Reasoning
Code: Credit/Loans Code: Lahar hazard awareness
Code: Affected by 2009 disaster Code: Legal ramifications
Code: Impacts post-ida Code: Livelihoods in old verapaz
Code: Relocated Code: Kinship networks in old
Code: Not relocated Verapaz