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Fig. 14

From: Rapid emergency assessment of ash and gas hazard for future eruptions at Santorini Volcano, Greece

Fig. 14

Daily median exceedance probability curves (shaded areas represent the interval between the 0.05 and 0.95 probability of exceedance, based on sampling 100 two-year simulations) for SO2 gas concentration at Thera (upper), Akrotiri (middle) and Oia (lower) as computed by the AERMOD model. Scenarios of 200 tons SO2/day (left) and 800 tons SO2/day (right) are shown as are the EC and WHO air quality thresholds for dangerous (orange dashed line: 125 μg/m3) and reduced (blue dashed line: 20 μg/m3) air quality, respectively. Note the maximum value of 0.5 on the y axis. As with ash hazard, these plots suggest that Oia is likely to experience lesser impact than the rest of the island

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