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Table 6 Names and description of key population centres and critical infrastructure, with their location relative to the Kameni islands, the most likely source for a future eruption of Santorini

From: Rapid emergency assessment of ash and gas hazard for future eruptions at Santorini Volcano, Greece

Name Description Distance and bearing from Nea Kameni
Thera (Fira) The modern capital of Santorini and a key tourist centre 3.5 km east-northeast
Santorini airport A military and civilian airport receiving international flights 7 km east
Port Athinios The main harbour serving passenger and cargo ships 3.5 km southeast
Pyrgos Tourist village in the centre of the island 5.5 km southeast
Kamari Coastal settlement to the southeast of the island built after the devastating earthquake of 1956 8.5 km east-southeast
Perissa Coastal settlement to the southeast of the island 9 km southeast
Akrotiri An important archaeological site where a Minoan settlement was buried under pyroclastic deposits during the Thera eruption in approximately 1630 BC 5 km south
Therassia The smaller island forming the remains of the caldera wall 5.5 km northwest
Oia A relatively large town of more than 4000 inhabitants 6.5 km north-northwest