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Table 1 The effects of increasing CO2 concentrations in the air on human health (after Ikeda et al. 1989; Hathaway et al. 2004; Hansell and Oppenheimer 2004; Hansell et al. 2006; Cantrell and Young 2009)

From: Gaet’ale- a reactivated thermal spring and potential tourist hazard in the Asale salt flats, Danakil Depression, Ethiopia

% CO2 in air Physiological effects on humans
5 perceptible increase in respiration
6 to 10 shortness of breath, headaches, dizziness, sweating, general restlessness, visual disturbances, tremors
10 to 15 impaired coordination and abrupt muscle contractions, tachycardia
20–30 loss of consciousness and convulsions
>30 can result in death in 1–10 min