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Table 1 Summary of monitoring data at El Reventador, 2002–2009

From: Mapping and measuring lava volumes from 2002 to 2009 at El Reventador Volcano, Ecuador, from field measurements and satellite remote sensing

Method Description and temporal coverage Data sources
Visual observations regular overflights and field visits; 2002–2009 Instituto Geofísico daily reports since 18/02/2003, summarised in Naranjo 2013.
Thermal camera images Captured during 39 flights and 6 fieldwork campaigns; 2002–2009 (except 2006) Ramón and Vallejo (2011); described in detail by Naranjo 2013.
Seismic event count 18.02.2003 – end of study period (2508 days of data) Instituto Geofísico daily records
Satellite thermal alerts (MODVOLC, HOTSPOT) There were 284 MODVOLC alerts at El Reventador where Bands 12 and 22 were saturated, suggesting temperature exceeding 500 K; 2002–2009 e.g., Wright et al. 2005; Naranjo 2013.
VAAC alerts 208 alerts were made about activity from El Reventador, since the onset of the eruption in 2002. More details in Naranjo, 2013;
OMI SO2 measurements OMI SO2 retrievals available since 2004. 115 images show an SO2 plume from El Reventador e.g., Carn et al. 2008; Naranjo 2013,