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Table 2 Model parameters and definitions

From: A model to assess tephra clean-up requirements in urban environments

Variable Definition
Bs Bucket swings
Tv Truck volume (m3)
Bv Bucket volume (m3).
Lt Loading time
Bc Bucket cycle time
Tc Truck cycle time
Ht Hauling time
Qt Queuing time
Ut Unloading time
Ft Fleet hauling time
Pt Time from a pickup point to a disposal site
Hd Hours per day clean-up works occurs
T Duration of clean-up (days)
Fc Fleet cycles (Fleet hauling capacity/Volume to transport)
Nt Number of dump trucks available for clean-up
Ns Number of sweepers available for clean-up
Dkm Distance of road required to be cleaned
Dd Distance of road cleaned per day
Lr Length of road that one sweeper truck can clean per day (km/day)
Sv Speed of sweeper truck (km/h)
Hf Fraction of each hour spent travelling to and from disposal sites
E Efficiency factor (how many times a sweeper needs to pass over a surface to remove 100% of tephra)
V Volume of tephra (m3)
D Kilometres to a disposal site