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Fig. 1

From: The iron-catalysed surface reactivity and health-pertinent physical characteristics of explosive volcanic ash from Mt. Etna, Italy

Fig. 1

Maps of the Etna region showing: a Map of Mount Etna and surrounding significant settlements with inset map showing the regional setting. Taormina is off the map, around 30 km N of Giarre; b Map of the summit craters (white square represented in a) as of 2016 (courtesy of INGV—Cartography Laboratory; DEM 2012, Laboratorio di Aerogeofisica-Sezione Roma2): SEC = Southeast Crater, NSEC = new cone formed above the east slope of SEC after 2011, NEC = Northeast Crater, VOR = Voragine, BN = Bocca Nuova; c Map showing the location of the cones formed during the 2001 and 2002–03 eruptions and the Casa del Fanciullo quarry (white dashed rectangle represented in a)

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