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Table 2 Description of stratigraphic units sampled at Casa del Fanciullo quarry

From: The iron-catalysed surface reactivity and health-pertinent physical characteristics of explosive volcanic ash from Mt. Etna, Italy

Sample # Stratigraphic layer in Del Carlo et al. (2004) Depth from bottom of sequence (from FG marker bed) Age (years B.P. ± 80)a Description
CdF_1 FF 25–38 cm 1970 From 44 B.C. sub-plinian eruption. Coarse ash layer
CdF_2 - 38–48 cm   Grey/violet-coloured fine-grained tuff
CdF_3 - 89–109 cm   Yellow/brown reworked epiclastic fine-grained deposit
CdF_4 N11 109–129 cm 1860 Dark grey scoriaceous lapilli layer
CdF_5 N14 141–146 cm 560 Whitish-coloured fine-grained tuff
CdF_6 N15 218–226 cm   Whitish-coloured fine-grained tuff
CdF_7 - 237–256 cm   Yellow/brown reworked epiclastic fine-grained deposit
CdF_8 - 266–272 cm   Violet-coloured fine-grained tuff
  1. aAges from Del Carlo et al. (2004)