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Fig. 5 | Journal of Applied Volcanology

Fig. 5

From: Lava flow hazard prediction and monitoring with UAS: a case study from the 2014–2015 Pāhoa lava flow crisis, Hawai‘i

Fig. 5

Series of resampled UAS-derived DEMs showing the loss of detail with coarser resolution data depicted in the varying lavasheds (orange) and the total length of flow paths in a given lavashed. Within each lavashed inset is a blow-up of the 5 m ditch surrounding the Pāhoa Marketplace. The 5 m ditch was excavated during construction of the Pāhoa Marketplace in 2004. Graph showing the step-wise series of DEMs decreasing in spatial resolution from 1 m to 10 m, the effect on total lavasheds per DEM and the ratio of flow length path / lavashed area

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