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Fig. 6 | Journal of Applied Volcanology

Fig. 6

From: Lava flow hazard prediction and monitoring with UAS: a case study from the 2014–2015 Pāhoa lava flow crisis, Hawai‘i

Fig. 6

Comparison of the pre-lava flow paths the June 27th flow would have followed (pre-flow solid yellow lines based on UAS 1 m DEM, pre-flow dashed yellow and blue lines based on 10 m DEM) to the new paths future flows will follow (post-flow solid red lines based on UAS 1 m DEM, post-flow dashed red and blue lines based on 10 m DEM). Purple box delineates boundary of 1 m DEM; outside of this the unchanged USGS 10 m flow paths are shown in blue. Puna communities are labelled by region. The deflection of new flows (zoomed inset panel in purple) now poses a greater hazard to the communities of Maku‘u and Hawaiian Paradise Park

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