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Table 3 Tephra thickness measurements taken in or near the case study communities and used to model volume in this study

From: Tephra clean-up after the 2015 eruption of Calbuco volcano, Chile: a quantitative geospatial assessment in four communities

Location Minimum thickness (cm) [source] Maximum thickness (cm) [source]
Ensenada, Chile 0.3 [Van Eaton et al. 2016]a 55 [Van Eaton et al. 2016]a
VLA 0.2 [Reckziegel et al. 2016]b 0.3 [Van Eaton et al. 2016]c
SMA 0.5 [Reckziegel et al. 2016]b 3 [Van Eaton et al. 2016]d
JDA 0.9 [Van Eaton et al. 2016]e >  3 [Van Eaton et al. 2016]f
  1. a 27–30 April 2015
  2. b Date not published, but reportedly shortly following the eruption
  3. c 3 July 2015
  4. d 28 April 2015
  5. e 4 July 2015
  6. f 28 April 2015