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Table 1 Mayon Volcano Alert Levels and Province Required Action

From: Moving for safety: a qualitative analysis of affected communities’ evacuation response during the 2014 Mayon Volcano eruption

ALERT LEVEL Description Interpretation and Recommendations APSEMO Required Actionsa (2014)
0 No Alert Quiet No eruption in foreseeable future. Entry in the 6-km radius Permanent Danger Zone (PDZ) is not advised because phreatic explosions and ash puffs may occur without precursors Normal Stage
1 Abnormal Low level unrest No eruption imminent.
No entry in the 6-km radius PDZ
Alert Stage
2 Increasing Unrest Moderate unrest Unrest probably of magmatic origin; could eventually lead to eruption
6-km radius PDZ may be extended to 7 km in the sector where the crater rim is low
Monitoring Stage
3 Increased Tendency Towards Eruption Relatively high unrest Magma is close or at the crater.
If trend is one of increasing unrest, eruption is possible within weeks
Extension of Danger Zone in the sector where the crater rim is low will be considered
Evacuation Status (6-km PDZ), but preparedness stage in the Extended High Risk Zone (HRZ) in the Southeast Quadrant
4 Hazardous Eruption Imminent Intense unrest Hazardous eruption is possible within days.
Extension of Danger Zone to 8 km or more in the sector where the crater rim is low will be recommended
Evacuation Stage. Evacuation of the population in the areas declared within the extended HRZ
5 Hazardous
Hazardous eruption ongoing Occurrence of pyroclastic flows, tall eruption columns and extensive ashfall. Emergency Response Stage. Full implementation of PDCC Emergency Response Plan. Complete evacuation of residents of barangays covered by the extended danger zones around Mayon Volcano
  1. aMinimum required actions. As what happened in 2014, APSEMO decided to advance evacuation termed as “pre-emptive evacuation.” Areas evacuated (in kilometer radius) expanded and went beyond areas originally identified in the plan