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Table 2 A comparison between values produced by AshCalc and previously published values for the 1992 Cerro Negro eruption (Bonadonna & Costa, 2012 )

From: AshCalc–a new tool for the comparison of the exponential, power-law and Weibull models of tephra deposition

Resulting Weibull fit Bonadonna & Costa., 2008 AshCalca
Volume (km3) 0.045 0.04556
Λ 4.2 4.131
k 0.78 0.7667
Θ 1.0004 1.02325
Relative mean squared error 0.000541037 0.00050026
  1. aDue to the stochastic nature of the fit the values are taken from the medial volume of five successive calculations by AshCalc.