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Table 2 Nature and processes of disaster risk governance in Montserrat

From: Beyond the volcanic crisis: co-governance of risk in Montserrat

Change in disaster risk governance system   Phases of volcanic risk
  Pre-crisis During crisis Post-crisis
Nature of change (a) Dispersion of decision-making (a) Little UK interference in development decisions. (b) Scaling-up of UK intervention in response to weak local capacity. (a) New co-governance regime with low levels of local autonomy.
  (b) Vertical coherence (b) Poorly articulated DRM policies and little coherence. (b) Problems with policy coherence creating confusion over policy aims, lack of confidence in government and mistrust. (b) Greater vertical coherence on DRM – e.g. linking up with other scales (regional and EU).
Change process (a) Stability (a) Temporary shift to high levels of external control (after Hurricane Hugo). (a) Temporary shift to high levels of external control. (a) Sustained shift to high levels of external control. Irreversible shift to greater vertical coherence.
  (b) Extent (b) Little change. (b) Incremental change to vertical relations during crisis. (b) Transformation in decision-making control. Incomplete transformation in vertical coherence.