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Table 1 Ash modelling inputs for an expected most likely future eruption at Santorini

From: Rapid emergency assessment of ash and gas hazard for future eruptions at Santorini Volcano, Greece

Model input parameter Value Description
Vent elevation 367 (m) From Smithsonian Institution (2013)
Eddy constant 0.04 Eddy diffusion value for Earth for small particles (Suzuki, 1983)
Diffusion coefficient 142.6 Describing the advection and diffusion of large particles (m2/s)
Fall time threshold 188.6 Threshold for change in diffusion calculation (seconds fall time)
Particle density 2300 Assumed density of particles (kg/m3)
Plume steps 200 Number of column integration steps
Particle classes 100 Number of particle size classes
Plume ash distribution 0 Initial mass uniformly distributed from base to top of plume