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Table 2 Gas modelling inputs for an expected most likely future eruption (a 200 tons/day or 800 tons/day scenario) at Santorini

From: Rapid emergency assessment of ash and gas hazard for future eruptions at Santorini Volcano, Greece

Model input parameter Value Description
Vent elevation 113 m From Pyle and Elliot, 2006
Exit temperature 1000 K Typical temperature of magmatic gases from dacitic magma
Proportion of SO2 5 % As a proportion of erupted gas, the other gas being water
Gas exit velocity 10 m/s Estimate made from typical values
Gas exit density 0.12 kg/m3 Density of water at 1000 K
Vent diameter 7 or 14 m Given gas density and concentration, a 7 m diameter vent is required to emit 200 tons/day. To conserve mass, keeping temperature and velocity constant, an 800 tons/day emission requires a 14 m diameter
Albedo 0.25 Fraction of total incident solar radiation reflected by the surface (typical value for grassland used)
Bowen ratio 5 Net radiation at a surface (typical value for grassland used)
Surface roughness 0.15 m Typical value for grassland used