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Table 4 Summary values for the two ‘most likely’ scenario cases at Santorini. The ‘Strong’ case assumes no influence of the wind upon the plume (Sparks et al, 1997) and the ‘Weak’ considers that the plume may be affected by wind (Woodhouse et al, 2013)

From: Rapid emergency assessment of ash and gas hazard for future eruptions at Santorini Volcano, Greece

Scenario case: Strong Weak
Total mass of ash: 2.33 x 108 kg 1.73 x 109 kg
Total mass of lava: 2 x 1011 kg 2 x 1011 kg
Ratio of ash to lava: ~1:1000 ~1:100
Eruption duration: 2 years 2 years
Duration of ash emission: 15.3 % of time 7.6 % of time