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Table 3 Water influence

From: Influence of volcanic tephra on photovoltaic (PV)-modules: an experimental study with application to the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption, Iceland

  Dry, before spraying Wet Dried out
Fine ash (204 g/m2) 15.92 V/0.01 A 17.16 V/0.02 A 16.19 V/0.01 A
Coarse ash (207 g/m2) 19.38 V/0.06 A A 19.40 V/0.07 A 19.24 V/0.06 A
Without ash 20.4 V/0.15 A 20.4 V/0.16 A 20.4 V/0.15 A
  1. Difference in the voltage and current of PV-module 2 under dry and wet conditions with and without tephra present, simulating the effects of rain