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Fig. 7

From: Probabilistic Volcanic Ash Hazard Analysis (PVAHA) I: development of the VAPAH tool for emulating multi-scale volcanic ash fall analysis

Fig. 7

a Comparison between the thicknesses (cm) from best fit FALL3D simulations and field data for the F2 Plinian fall event, Tambora at each of the 27 sample points (modified after Sigurdsson and Carey, 1989); (b) Difference plot for best fit FALL3D simulation against observed thicknesses converted to load (kg/m2; Sigurdsson and Carey, 1989). The solid line represents a perfect agreement and the dotted and dashed black lines mark the region that is different from the observed by a factor of 10 (1/10) and 5 (1/5) respectively; (c) Difference plot for calculated ash load (ALPE) against simulated load (FALL3D) (d) Difference plot for calculated load (ALPE) against observed load (kg/m2)

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