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Table 1 Characteristics of towns in the study area and ash exposure from 2012 PCC-VC eruption

From: Impacts to agriculture and critical infrastructure in Argentina after ashfall from the 2011 eruption of the Cordón Caulle volcanic complex: an assessment of published damage and function thresholds

Town Population (at 2010 census) Depth of ash fall (mm) Distance from PCC-VC Description
Villa la Angostura 11,063 150–170 mm 54 km ESE Located in a temperate zone towards the northern end of Lago Nahuel Huapi. The town experiences strong seasonal increases in population due to influxes of tourists. Its economy is based on tourism.
San Carlos de Bariloche 112,887 30–45 mm ~100 km SE Bariloche is located on the southern shore of Lago Nahuel Huapi.
Ing. Jacobacci 6,261 ~50 mm (fine ash sized) 240 km ESE Located on the semi-arid steppe. Primarily an agricultural service town.