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Table 2 Review of previous damage/disruption states for agriculture and infrastructure systems after ashfall. Main classificiation systems used in this study in bold

From: Impacts to agriculture and critical infrastructure in Argentina after ashfall from the 2011 eruption of the Cordón Caulle volcanic complex: an assessment of published damage and function thresholds

Proposed in Type Sectors Main case studies and data sources Number of states Hazard threshold type Strengths Weaknesses
Blong 2003b Hazard intensity thresholds All - notably agriculture (livestock health and horticultural crops) Mt St Helens 5 Ashfall thickness Qualitative statements about animal health, also done for horticultural crops not seen in the PCC-VC area Information not placed within a specific damage state framework, does not acknowledge starvation, gastrointestinal blockages or feed supply issues
Neild et al. 1998 Hazard intensity thresholds Agriculture (vegetation focus) Mt St Helens, Ruapehu 3 Ashfall thickness Part of a agriculture specific report, ideal for intended setting of New Zealand Only 3 levels, so results within each are very generalised
Wilson et al. 2009 Hazard intensity thresholds Agriculture (pastoral focus) Ruapehu, Hudson, Chaiten 5 Ashfall thickness Based on review of numerous case studies and authors own field work Generalised descriptions based on relatively high-intensity farming systems
Wilson et al. 2014a Damage and functionality states Electrical, water, wastewater, transportation Chaiten, Mt St Helens, PCC 4 (including 0) Ashfall thickness Supported by numerical relationships between thickness and functionality Assume a relatively standard system of infrastructure design
Jenkins et al. 2014 Damage and disruption states All Various 6 (including 0) Ashfall thickness Includes all infrastructure sectors and agriculture, based on both prior case studies and expert elicitation Descriptions are very generalised, and have not yet been widely applied
Hayes et al. 2015 Hazard intensity thresholds Clean-up Shinmoedake, Sakurajima, Mt St Helens 4 Ashfall accumulation First comprehensive review of clean-up operations Likely to differ dependent on a cities previous experiences with ashfall, and access to resources