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Table 3 General question schedule

From: Impacts to agriculture and critical infrastructure in Argentina after ashfall from the 2011 eruption of the Cordón Caulle volcanic complex: an assessment of published damage and function thresholds

Urban Interviews Rural Interviews
(infrastructure managers, municipal managers and staff, researchers) (farmers, agricultural agency staff, municipal production managers)
Amount and description of ash fall in area? The same questions used for the urban interviews were used, with the addition of the following questions:
Wind/water remobilisation observed? Farm size?
How did it affect your day-to-day life? Annual production?
Were water supplies affected? Animal numbers?
Building damage? Changes in soil fertility?
Power supply disruption? Any treatments for plants and to protect animals used?
Any communication issues? Animal/crop losses sustained?
How was ash cleaned-up? What supplementary food has been used?
Stabilization techniques? How has the ash fall changed the way the area is farmed?
Ash dump locations? What warnings were given before the ash fall?
Mitigation techniques employed? Were any animals evacuated?
Any evacuations? Details of animal movement
What emergency information was given by authorities?  
How was this communicated?