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Table 4 Volcanic deposits found in the Ceboruco stratigraphic record associated with different volcanic phenomena

From: Ceboruco hazard map: part I - definition of hazard scenarios based on the eruptive history

Volcanic phenomenaEruptive recordData of Ceboruco volcanic depositsDeposits of reference for simulations
#EventsUnitsAxis distributionLengths (km)Area (km2)Thickness
Tephra fallout71870 eruption1NE 400> 10 cm1870 ash fall
Jala Plinian eruption6NE 560> 50 cmP1 unit
Lava flows8Andesitic composition5all directions (N-W-S)4–125.3–10.510 m - 40 mCeboruco lava flow
Dacitic composition37–7,77–2360 m - 100 m1870 lava flow
Pyroclastic flows4Jala Plinian eruption4N and SW>  15 cm to mP2 and P3 units
Pyroclastic surge4Jala Plinian eruption3N and SWup to 20 cmS2 unit
1870 eruption1N-NE~  1 cmS3 unit (Jala eruption)
Lahars4Hyperconcentrated3N and SWup to 10 cm to mAll deposits (volume of main units)
Debris-flows1N and SW cm to m