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Table 1 Exposure data collected, created and used in this study

From: Volcanic unrest scenarios and impact assessment at Campi Flegrei caldera, Southern Italy

Class Attributes Source Output
Building Distribution Primary use and age. The 2011 ISTAT census (building age) and the INGV OpenStreetMap and validated by Google maps. ESRI shapefile
Population Density, demographics. ISTAT 2011 census ESRI shapefile
Transportation Road, rail networks, stations, and bus stops. Access to transportation networks data constructed by highlighting areas within 1 km (a distance that can be covered on foot) of motorways, roads and railway, bus stations, and ferry ports. OpenStreetMap and validated by Google maps. ESRI shapefiles
Electricity High voltage overhead lines and their related substations. Smaller power and telephone lines were not included because they could not be identified from aerial imagery. Google Earth imagery ESRI shapefile
Critical facilities Assets crucial during an emergency (e.g. hospitals, police, and fuel stations). Google Earth images and OpenStreetMap ESRI shapefile