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Table 1 Existing GIS layers from ESA, LGS and DPC

From: Tsunami evacuation times and routes to safe zones: a GIS-based approach to tsunami evacuation planning on the island of Stromboli, Italy

Objects Data creation dates
Pleiades-1A image June 14, 2019 (0.5 m resolution)
Digital Elevation Model (DEM), Digital Surface Model (DSM), Digital Terrain Model (DTM) DEM: September 2017; DSM: February 2014;
DTM: January 2014
Area impacted by the 2002 tsunami, Operational centres, Sirens, 400 m contour line, Helicopter landing pad, Waiting areas, Streets, Evacuation routes Area impacted by the 2002 tsunami: August 2010; Operational centres: June 2014; Sirens: February 2003; 400 m contour line: July 2006; Helicopter landing pads: February 2014; Waiting areas: April 2010;
Streets: July 2010; Evacuation routes: July 2010