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Call for Expressions of Interest for Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor at the Journal of Applied Volcanology

The five-year term of the current Editor-in-Chief (EIC) of the Journal of Applied Volcanology is expiring in 2022 and we are therefore calling for expressions of interest (EOI) for the EIC role.  We are also calling for EOIs for the role of Managing Editor. We are ideally hoping to fill these positions as soon as possible.  

The open access Journal of Applied Volcanology is an international journal with a focus on applied research relating to volcanism and particularly its societal impacts. It was established in 2011 and has since had three Editors in Chief, and two Managing Editors. It emerged as an initiative of the Cities and Volcanoes Commission and although has been operating largely independently of the Commission (and IAVCEI) ever since.

Responsibilities of the Editor-in-Chief

The role involves:  

  • Appointing and managing the services of an expert Editorial Board for the Journal.
  • Attracting appropriate submissions for the Journal (with an aim of ≥ 25 articles a year).
  • Overseeing all aspects of the peer-review process in the editorial management system.
  • Adhering to standards of editorial good practice, as defined in the Publisher’s Code of Conduct for Editors-in-Chief of academic journals. 
  • Dealing in a timely fashion with all queries received relating to the Journal.

An annual honorarium is paid to the Editor-in-Chief. 

Responsibilities of the Managing Editor 

The role involves:  

  • Assisting the EIC and publisher in promotional activities related to the journal.
  • Actively soliciting manuscripts for the journal, especially special issues.
  • Promoting the journal and its articles, e.g. via the JAV social media accounts.
  • Assisting with administrative tasks, e.g. meetings with the EIC, publisher and editorial board. 

This role is currently performed on a voluntary basis.

Summary of publications in JAV

Overall to date 121 articles have been published in JAV. The EIC thus processes on average 12 articles per year. There have been years with higher numbers; these typically correlate to the publishing of special issues.  
The most common topics of papers published in JAV are (in order from highest to lowest number of publications): 

  • Hazard assessment and modelling
  • Eruption forecasting, crisis management and decision making
  • Vulnerability, impacts (incl. health), risk assessment, clean-up
  • Risk perception, communication, education, stakeholder engagement  
  • Databases: fatalities, eruption record, under-recording
  • Monitoring, including remote sensing/satellite studies
  • Volcanology/tephra characteristics
  • Community engagement and preparedness

Essential criteria for Editor-in-Chief position:

  • Some experience in academic editing and publishing, and an awareness of issues associated with editing an international journal.
  • An established reputation for research in volcanology related disciplines.
  • Demonstrated skills in project management.
  • Demonstrated commitment to values and aims of the Journal of Applied Volcanology.

Essential criteria for Managing Editor position: 

  • Some experience with publishing work in academic journals.
  • Some Knowledge of how to communicate effectively on social media (e.g twitter).
  • Demonstrated ability to coordinate effectively with professionals.
  • Demonstrated commitment to values and aims of the Journal of Applied Volcanology.

A short statement that addresses your suitability and aspirations for the role(s), together with your Resume or CV can be sent by email to: Jan Margulies, Senior Publisher, Fully Open Access Journals, Springer Nature,