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Editorial Board


Jan Lindsay, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Managing Editor

Danielle Charlton, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Editorial Board

Sara Barsotti, Icelandic Meteorological Office, Iceland

Charles Connor, University of South Florida, United States

David Damby, United States Geological Survey,United States

Carina Fearnley, University College London, UK

Susanna Jenkins, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

David Johnston, Joint Centre for Disaster Research, Massey University, New Zealand

Erouscilla Joseph, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad

Ramón Espinasa Pereña, Centro Nacional de Prevención de Desastres, Mexico

Graham Leonard, GNS Science/Massey University, New Zealand

Julie Morin, Laboratoire Magmas et Volcans, Université Clermont Auvergne, France

Thomas Wilson, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

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